On Salvation


"If you want a book to make you think, Emma C Williams's second novel does just this. A modern dystopian in the purest sense, this young adult novel is a thought provoking critique of religion in the current climate.Protagonist, Olivia forms a strong female voice, standing up against indoctrination and fighting against the establishment. She meets many interesting characters along the way including Gil, Ruth, Daniel and of course, romantic interest David. Together, this band of reformists break down literal and metaphorical barriers in order to uncover the truth. Settings such as the iconic Royal Holloway College and 10 Downing Street ensure that this novel does not slip into the realms of fantasy, because, the most important message of Salvation, is that we can, and should, maintain free will and free thought in the face of social and religious control. A compelling read. Download it now." Gemma.


"The protagonist is a clever girl who finds herself at odds with everything around her. She suffers for her stubbornness in asking for more knowledge and refuses to accept on faith the extreme views of her contemporaries or her teachers. Following through her adventures after her escape kept me rapt and the ending gave me a real jolt. It's impossible not to like Olivia but with almost everyone else in the book it' less easy. Everyone has a secret agenda, a murky past. Written as stylishly as Emma C Williams' debut novel, 'World Enough and Time', the prose carries the reader along without a hitch. Reaching the end was a shock because I was so immersed in Olivia's tale. I cannot wait for the next book. Brilliant stuff!!" GH.


"I finished your new book in a day and it was amazing. I couldn't put it down. I can't believe the clffihanger ending! When's the next one out?!" Amy.


"You’ve done a tremendous job with your revisions.  The characters are a lot more rounded and the themes much better explored.  ... You are extremely talented". Amanda Preston, Literary Agent, LBA Books.


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On World Enough and Time


"This is the sort of book you read in one go. I enjoyed it very much and liked the main character - a feisty and brave girl who faces up to the challenges of her life with humour and spirit. Some interesting questions are raised too in terms of issues relating to genetic testing and abortion. Well written and absorbing." Louisa Reid, author of Black Heart Blue and Lies Like Love.


"An amazing book to read. I find it really hard to find books that I enjoy, but the minute I started reading World Enough and Time I just knew that it would be a book that I was unable to put down - and I was right. I felt an instant connection to Anna, and found that the book left me speechless. A well written piece with a perfect insight to the mind of a teenage girl. I would recommend it to anyone!" Lucy, 16.


"This is one of the best Young Adult novels I've read in the last couple of years." Anna Marie, YA book reviewer. Click here for her full review.


"It's meaningful and uplifting and is definitely worth checking out if you're after a short book with meaning and charm." Jade, YA book reviewer. Click here for her full review.


"I absolutely loved this book, it was very well written with just enough description to keep your attention but not enough to drag on! It really opened my eyes to how hard it is to live with a disability and Anna really seemed like a typical teenager with all her problems and her thoughts and opinions. I read nearly the whole book in one night and wished it was longer!". Lauren, 15.


"This novel is an excellent piece of Young Adult fiction and I wouldn't be surprised if schools picked it up as a text for 14/15 year olds to study. At the same time it is an enjoyable read. As an adult reading this type of novel it is always difficult to gauge whether teenagers will like a novel as much as I did, but I think they will." Kathryn, teacher.


"This was absolutely fabulous, I couldn't put it down. Williams fully understands how it feels to be a teenage girl, communicating in a modern and fresh style with none of the older generation bias so often seen in teenage fiction. I lived, ate and breathed this novel and can't wait for the next book!" Amy, teacher.



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